In Peace and Love
In Peace and Love

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved? 


Contact your representative. 


  • Work projects at the training center.

  • Teach English in the Refugee Camps- Fall and Spring Semesters

  • Serve among the Saharawi 

I have no teaching experience, can I still come teach?

Yes, we offer training for all prospective teachers. 

I don't like to teach, are there other opportunities?

Yes, if you are experienced in entrepreneurship, computer science, agriculture or sports there may be opportunities to serve in these areas. Please request more information. 


Is it safe to visit the refugee camps?

IPAL and the Saharai are dedicated to the safety of those doing humanitarian aid in the refugee camps. While the area has had volatile periods, our teams have not had any significant safety issues for the past 6 years serving in the community.  Individuals need to sincerely consider the risk of serving in areas that have had terrorist activity in the past and may have sympathetic factions despite a peaceful cultural disposition.  

IPAL serves in the Saharawi refugee camps by offering English classes. As a global language, English is invaluable for sharing their plight with the world.

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