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In Peace and Love
Community garden in Bojador

December 2016

The Fall/winter growing season is underway and the community garden is producing! It is truely remarkable that this sand, grit, and clay substrate could produce anything, but even the desert can bloom! Many of the moringa trees have also flourished and have been providing families with extra nutrients. The growth rate for these nutrient-rich trees is incredible. A nine month old tree can be a couple of meters in height. 

A Saharawi woman with her 10 month moringa tree

Community Garden Project

Community Garden site

February 2, 2016

Bojador refugee camp has approval for a community garden by the governor. The 50x50 meter plot will be surrounded by an adobe wall to help protect it from the wind and the roaming goats. In Peace and Love is donating the seed money for the wall construction as well as the water tanks, drip irrigation system, and seeds/seedlings to get it started. Gardening expertise is provided by both IPAL and local gardeners. The governor also applauded the Moringa project and requested  1000 seedlings for distribution. 

Flooding In the Saharawi Refugee Camps

Saharawi Refugee Camp Flooding

Wednesday October 28, 2015, it has been a little over a week since unprecedented rainfalls occurred in the Saharawi refugee camps of Awserd, Dakhla, Laayoune, Boujdour, and Smara. The UN initially determined over 25,000 people were left homeless. In the coming weeks damaged homes will continue to fall.

Pictures used by permission from our Saharawi friends

Notable challenges to families since the floods occurred include obtaining safe water supply, sufficient food, and safe shelter. While no fatalities have been reported yet, most of the injuries have been caused by collapsing buildings. Their limited power grids have also been significantly affected and it may be months before that service returns. Emergency supplies are coming in but they are just the beginning of what will be needed to replace years of work. Please hold these resilient people in your thoughts and prayers. 


For more information on the floods visit the UN Refugee Agency web page.

IPAL serves in the Saharawi refugee camps by offering English classes. As a global language, English is invaluable for sharing their plight with the world.

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