In Peace and Love
In Peace and Love

Garden Program

As a people group stranded in the desert, one would not think of the Saharawi as prime candidates for agricultural productivity. However, the desert is why it is so critical. UN refugee rations are insufficient in both nutritive substance and quantity and as such, the Saharawi are left to make up the dietary difference as they may. Gardens are one of the ways they can enhance their diet and in abundance, share or sell to others who need additional vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Because it is highly nutritious and drought resistant, the World Health Programme established a project growing Moringa starts for families. Moringa is used as a supplement for malnutrition relief, especially for infants and pregnant women.   

IPAL serves in the Saharawi refugee camps by offering English classes. As a global language, English is invaluable for sharing their plight with the world.

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