In Peace and Love
In Peace and Love

Training Program

In Peace and Love training program is a course designed to develop competence in culturally relevant life-on-life ministering. 

     The training program takes place in eastern wisconsin,typically during the summer months.


           Training Components include: 

                        · Cultural training

                        · Team building

                        · Spiritual growth

                        · Physical and emotional wellness

                        · Equipping for ministry

                        · Spiritual warfare training

                        · Security issues and crisis management

                        · Overview of TESL

                          (Teaching English as a Second Language)

                        · Overview of garden project and other programs

                        · Etc. 

If you are interested in serving these beautiful people in one of the harshest climates on earth please email us to start the application process. Contact Us

English Class English Class

IPAL serves in the Saharawi refugee camps by offering English classes. As a global language, English is invaluable for sharing their plight with the world.

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